Welcome to the personal website of Yannik Messerli. I am a creative, passionate and hard-working frontend software engineer with a broad experience. Currently focused on developing a sustainable architecture for larger applications that makes everyone happy!

On this digital corner, you will find a glimpse of my professional work, some old personal projects and a lot of random thoughts. None of the opinions expressed on this website are those of my employer.


20/07/2019 - Creating a Building Viewer

Nov, 2022

Until now

Frontend developer

ArcGIS Urban

Design and develop new features to Esri's urban planning application. Leverage my previous experience to make a large codebase clearer, easier to maintain, and more scalable.

React · Redux · Redux-Saga · webpack · Jest

May, 2017

Until Oct, 2022

Frontend developer

ArcGIS Scene Viewer

Designed and developed new features to Esri’s default 3D web viewer, on top of the ArcGIS Map SDK. Occasionally developed spinoff prototypes to showcase new features.

Accessor · maquette · Vite · Playwright

Feb, 2018

Until Feb, 2019

Data Analyst

The Tao of Excellence

The Tao of Excellence helps its customers to go through the convoluted medical devices legislation and gives them strategical advices. I was helping them with data and visualizations, mashing it up into digestible infographic.

Python · numpy · Panda · D3.js

Aug, 2013

Until Feb, 2017

Technology Analyst

Cisco Strategic Organisation

At the Chief Strategy Office at Cisco, we explored new growth opportunities by creating Proof of Concepts and programs to accelerate technology trends such as Blockchain technologies and Docker Containers. My job were split between trying new technologies and advocating for them.

Feb, 2007

Until Aug, 2013


Carried out more than 20 customer projects between 2007 until 2012 to sustain my studies. Most of the projects were web-based, from wine shops to luxurious hotel. Design were made from scratch specifically for my customers while the websites were delivered powered by various CMS and frameworks.


On the shores of Lake Geneva, I have graduated from the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Lausanne ( EPFL ). Interesting internship positions have notably brought me in other universities, like the Technion in Israël. During my studies, I was a teaching assistant for the courses of "Graph Theory", "Signal Processing for communication" and "Computer Network".

It is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith

About me

Proud father of a daughter born in 2022. If I don't have a rugby game during the weekend, I am probably rock climbing, or running. Because I am hyperactive, sport is essential for me to be able to work efficiently. Oh, by the way, sometimes I paint during work meeting to busy my hands to focus too. Here is some random pictures I took.

What about the blacksmith theme? When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a blacksmith. In my backyard, alone, I was hitting piece of bright yellow-orange wrought iron to create beautiful shapes. Today, behind my screen, I am hitting the keys of my computer to bend line of codes to create beautiful interfaces. I became a websmith.

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