Happy New Year

Written by Yannik Messerli - 8 January 2015

Personally, last year was a year of transitions. Transition from school to the business world. Transition from the United States to Switzerland. So many life paths that have changed.

Morphed paths with Raphael.js. Check out the code.

First fight of 2015, our freedom of speech

Let me leave my geeky mindset aside for a minute. Yesterday, a french satirical journal (Chalie Hebdo #CharlieHebdo) has been attacked and journalists were assassinated. I never particularly followed this journal and its public scandals, neither really liked their provocating pictures. However, I was shocked by this act of extreme barbary against artists / journalist / cartoonist. In memory of these journalists and in solidarity to all journalists, here is my modest contribution:

Chalie Hebdo

Sacrified on the pencil of speech freedom.


Coming down to geeky stuff, I am really excited about 2015. Last year, I discovered so many new technologies that I feel like I can now power the world. Things like:

  • Ansible (my choice) / Puppet / Chef
  • New languages such as Go, Nim, AtScript
  • My new DIY sensor kits Relayr and Spark.io
  • My brand new Visionect screen
  • LXC and Docker

All of these are amazing and help me to build faster and nicer solutions. More generally, our time is amazing: high-level developers - like me - are now able to create entire infrastructures, backends, frontends, databases in a single weekend. By breaking down complex problems and bringing them together in a systematic way, developers are ruling a new era. And - this is totally silly - with Internet of Things and 3D printing coming, it is not only the virtual world that is impacted, but the entire world. Welcome in 2015.

Written by

Yannik Messerli