About me

'It is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith'.
-- French proverb

My main expertise is Frontend Design and Development. The last 5 years, I have designed UI and developed features for the main 3D map viewer of Esri. One of my major achievments, was the complete architecture of the application with a modern and sustainable structure without making any breaking changes for our users.

I am known to care a lot about my colleagues, create a strong team spirit and infuse a lot of positive energy in the workplace.

I grew up in a tiny swiss village in the mountains. Like craftsmen of my village, I learnt my craft by doing, day by day, night by night, while my education gave me the structure to grow. A passion were born! I became a “websmith”.

Since then, I have worked alone, carrying customer projects from A to Z. I've joined one of the largest IT company's strategic department for which I learnt to extract actionable information from large data sets to present it for decision takers. I've learnt to build quickly large scale prototype as proof of concept, as well deliver polished visuals for large audience.

About me


May, 2017Until present
Frontend developper & map designerAt the Esri Zurich R&D Center

Within the Esri R&D Center, my main responsibility is to design and develop Esri’s default 3D web viewer on top of our JavaScript 3D API. I am also contributing to develop innovative app prototypes with the API to showcase the power of our tools.

Feb, 2018Until Feb, 2019
Data AnalystAt The Tao of Excellence

The Tao of Excellence helps its customers to go through the convoluted Medical Devices legislation and gives them strategical advices. I am helping them with data and visualisations, mashing it up into digestable infographics.

Aug, 2014Until Feb, 2019
Technology AnalystAt Cisco Strategic Organisation

At the Chief Strategy Office at Cisco, we explored new growth opportunities by creating Proof of Concepts and programs to accelerate technology trends such as Blockchain technologies and Docker Containers. My job were split between trying new technologies and advocating for them.

Feb, 2007Until Aug, 2014
Freelance webdesigner

Carried out more than 20 customer projects between 2007 until 2012 to sustain my studies. Most of the projects were web-based, from wine shops to luxurious hotel. Design were made from scratch specifically for my customers while the websites were delivered powered by various CMS and frameworks.


On the shores of Lake Geneva, I have graduated from the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. Interesting internship positions have notably brought me in other renown universities, like the Technion. During my studies, I was a teaching assistant for courses like "Graph Theory", "Signal Processing for communication" or "Computer Network".
About me


If I don't have a rugby match during the weekend, you will probably not see me. I seek solitude in remote mountains, weither it's while running, while mountainering or rock climbing [more]. Sometimes I paint, sometimes I photograph.
What about the blacksmith theme? When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a blacksmith. In my backyard, alone, I was hitting piece of bright yellow-orange wrought iron to create beautiful shapes. Today, behing my screen, I am hitting the keys of my computer to bend line of codes to create beautiul interfaces. I became a websmith.