Work at Cisco

Work on the Cisco Technology Radar, a company-wide Technology Intelligence program, and side projects

The Cisco Technology Radar

My main focus at Cisco is to coordinate the Cisco Technology Radar, a company-wide Technology Intelligence program that aims at identifying, selecting and disseminating information on new technological trends, threats and opportunities to decision makers across Cisco and external partners.

The internal part comprises the provisioning of relevant information on technology and the evaluation of their impact on the corporation. This information is then on one hand used for strategic executive decision making; on the other hand it is used to increase the awareness of the business units for upcoming opportunities and risks as well as prepare the receptiveness of the organization for Research and Development results or technology sourcing. The process consists of gathering, <a href=”#” “The assessing process consists of evaluation done by field experts and then selection panel meeting for sensitive cases.” data-toggle=”tooltip” data-placement=”top”>assessing</a> and communicating technological opportunities and threats.

While supporting the overall process, I have also designed the interface and many visualisations, such as the radar itself, done as a library of D3.js:

Besides the processes and project management work, I have created visualization and thought-leadership contents around our trends. The process is shown below:

If most of the visualizations I did are published internally, there are a few ones we released through the techradar publication. You can browse them below by clicking on the right or left arrow:

Highlighted projects

The Techradar report 2014

Date: 3rd Dec 2014

The techradar report is a yearly publication of our techradar trends for the industry thought leaders and decision makers. The 2014 report went out on December of the year. We have printed a thousands of physical copy and more than the double were consumed online.

2014 IoT Landscape

Date: 18th Sept 2014

Data insights for the presentation of Wim Elfrink, Executive Vice President of Industry Solutions and Chief Globalization Officer at Cisco for the IoT World Forum 2014 in Chicago keynote on “The Internet of Things: Capturing the Accelerated Opportunity”. Work included data research and aggregation and visualization design using D3.js.

Grand Challenge Submission Data Analysis

Date: 15th Oct 2014

The IoT Security Grand Challenge was open to startups innovating in securing the Internet of Things. Small devices have typically less power and the security becomes suddenly challenging. There were more than two hundered submissions, each of then with more than 10 pages in average. Analysis of relevant topics and innovation focus was hardly done manually. I have used Naturla Language Processing technics to extract handful information of the challenge and we published the insights internally.

LegiData - the Data Transmission Recorder

Date: 13th Jul 2015

Riccardo De Fillippo, Patrick Marlier and myself competed against more than 105 teams from 16 Cisco offices during an internal hackathon. We worked on the problem of transmitting data across borders. When sending data between countries, Cisco and its customers risk legal issues if they do not adhere to data protection laws. Proving compliancy is also difficult and expensive. We have presented a system that one can use to minimising its liability from risks related to national regulations defining data privacy and protection: legiData. By using a self-certification system with a secure and distributed ledger - the bitcoin blockchain, legiData system has the advantage to be cheap to show proof of compliance to auditors years after the data has been sent.

Connected Bees @ Cisco Rolle

Date: 15th Oct 2015

Bee’s colonies are key actors in our ecosystems. Lately, their population has dramatically dropped down. In urban areas, bees find a more friendly environment without pesticides and mono-agriculture. My project aimed to bring beehives in Cisco Rolle office to support the global sustainable effort while creating social activities for employees.


You Amaze 1

16 Oct 2015

"Yannik, Thank you so much for a great work and focus on making innovation happen and setting the pace for the future solutions development and ecosystem in Berlin!! A great example of cross functional work and collaboration with CSIG, local team and our partners!"

Joel Curado Silveirinha,Manager of the Innovation Center Programs

You Amaze 1

07 Aug 2015

"We sincerely appreciate the effort you put into creating the judging platform for the IoT World Forum Young Women's Innovation Grand Challenge. You did a phenomenal job in such a short period of time. Thank you for your patience, creativity and passion to help our team. The success of the program will not be possible if not for your valuable contribution. Job well done!"

Jenny Agustin,Direct colleague

You Accelerate 1

14 Jul 2015

"Congratulations on being selected as the winning team for HackIT VI! Your innovative idea and focus on Cisco business value pushed your project past the 106 competing teams."

Rebecca Jacoby,SVP of Operations

You Amaze 1

05 Jun 2015

"Hi Yannik, Thank you for your fantastic work on designing the new platform at, along with the individual designs for each of the trends, and the packaging of the PDF. Looking forward to the update of the external Technology Radar Thought-Leadership Platform, towards making a top thought-leadership destination on the web. Thank you!"

Frederic Pont,Manager of Technology Radar at Cisco

You Amaze 2

06 Jan 2015

"Thanks for the outstanding delivery of the !"

Stephan Monterde,Director of Technology Radar at Cisco

Your Inspire 3

16 Dec 2014

"Thanks again for your outstanding contribution to the Tech Radar 9+ Trends project. We would not have been able to make it without you!"

Sylvain Baron,Engineer and direct colleague