Freelance projects

Carried out more than 20 customer projects between 2007 until 2012 to sustain my studies. Most of the projects were web-based, from wine shops to luxurious hotel. Design were made from scratch. The websites were powered by various CMS and frameworks (Wordpress, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, …). Here is a selection.

The Human Bionic Project

Released on February 2013 | Visit Website

This interactive platform enables users to visualize and learn about the advances in human repair and enhancement that can be achieved with current technologies. It exposes a human body in seven layers in which prosthetic parts are possible, illustrated with my vector drawings. I also created the backend platform in PHP with Laravel and Apache. The frontend uses a lot of different Javascript libraries. Work done with Reza for David from the MIT Media Lab.


Personal projects

In additions, my creativity has pushed me to pursue severals personal projects. Here is a selection of the best (and finished) ones… </em>


Released on May 2015 | Visit Website

SVG documents are widely used in print design. However SVG lacks of good support on the Web. This project aims to help designers to easily obtain shareable versions of their vectors through a simple page. They can drop their documents in the page and they get PNG image version right away. The project has been entirely developed in JavaScript.



Released on November 2014 | Visit Website

Map postcards are printed versions of google maps on traditional postcards. I created this project from the desire to send beautiful maps of places I was visiting to people that are not connected to the Internet, e.g. to my grand ma. The postcards are customisable with personal pictures and custom text. The project involved languages such as JavaScript (Angular.js) on the front and python on the back.



Released on May 2014 | Visit Website

Vitty is born from the need to virtualise the kitty my flatmates and I were using in order to simplify our shared purchasing. Vitty keeps track of the expenses of each participant and computes how much each one needs to contribute to the vitty so that everyone will spend an even amount of money. The REST backend is written in python with nginx, following a microservices architecture. The frontend is developed in Javascript with Angular.js.



Released on June 2014 | [Discontinued]

Billacoin was Digital Currencies Exchange as a Service platform co-founded with Pierre. Billacoin was a special kind of bitcoin wallet with accelerated and simplified process to go in and out of the virtual currency. It was exposing an API for developers to leverage our platform and help them to exchange of currencies. The REST backend was developed in python and the interface in Javascript using various libraries (e.g. Angular.js), but was discontinued before launch.



Released on April 2013 | Visit Website

Trailhead is a personal conference scheduler and a connection browser for scientific articles realised with Jonas and Amine in the LTC. It builds a graph by comparing the closeness between papers based on a naive bayesian textual similarity of the word frequencies. This project is developed in Scala for the backend. The graph is based on D3.js and the interface uses various other javascript libraries. Check the code out on Github for a full overview.